Allowing us to become your energy supplier doesn't mean the good news stops there. On the contrary, once you join us, the good news just keeps getting better. Looking for price stability and want to pay the same rate every month? No problem. We offer a variety of fixed rate and long-term options to help you manage your expenses. Prefer to take advantage of our expertise in the energy marketplace? Then a variable rate is for you so you can benefit when market conditions are favorable.

We'll also give you $25 for every friend you refer to us. So if you like us and you tell four friends to come on board, you just earned $100. Pretty sweet, huh? You'll also receive our monthly newsletter, Energy Today, which is filled with interesting articles and information you can use. Oh yeah, it also has your chance at a $100 Gift Card EVERY MONTH!

Lastly, our superior Customer Service department. Whether you choose to call them or email them, our representatives regularly go above and beyond to get our customers what they need. We only ask that you limit your "thank you" calls to them so they can be free to help other customers.

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