Energy deregulation helps consumers have a choice in their electricity provider.

Deregulation allows a customer to switch their electric supply from their Utility to different supplier as an option.

The Utility and the services it provides stays the same—only the supplier changes.

In the past, one utility provided all parts of your energy service:

Generation: Making the electricity or gas

Transmission: Moving the electricity or gas from a generating site to a substation

Distribution: Moving the electricity or gas from a substation to you

With deregulation, you’re able to choose the company that buys energy on your behalf to sell to you, like Respond Power.

Your utility is still responsible for the actual delivery of the commodity (electricity across poles and wires and natural gas through pipelines) to your business or home. Your utility company maintains the poles and wires, or pipelines, and responds to emergencies and power outages. The public utility regulates transmission and distribution to ensure the safety and reliability of your services.

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